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AList Error-Code

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what is this?

It is some error codes during the use of AList, and how to solve them (network problems or network disk change API and other problems may not be solved at the time and need human intervention)

Q:Ali cloud disk open appears TooManyRequestsToo Many Requests
AClick me to view detailed description
Q:Ali cloud disk open appears ExceedCapacityForbidden
AClick me to view detailed description
Q:Token is expired(Appears when logging in to the AList account
A:It means that your AList login is valid for 48 hours by default, you can modify the configuration file config.json
  • If you are prompted to log in successfully when you log in and then this prompt is displayed again, check whether you have used CDN acceleration to cache the AList.

Q:Failed init storage but storage is already created: failed init storage: failed to refresh token: The input parameter refresh_token is missing. Please refer to document.
A:Generally, the refresh token (token) is wrong when adding driver, and it can be solved by replacing it with the correct one.
Q:failed get objs: failed to list objs: ForbiddenDriveNotValid:not valid driveld
A:Generally, it means that driver has been deprecated. For example, Aliyun disk can be replaced with Alibaba cloud disk open. Others are temporarily unknown, and others not yet
Q:no such host、TLS handshake timeout、read: connection reset by peer、dns lookup failed、connect: connection refused、Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers、network is unreachable
A:These problems are generally caused by network problems, and you can troubleshoot and solve them yourself.
Q:Failed create storage in database: UNIQUE constraint failed: x_storages.mount_path (appears when mounting the driver)
A:The path to mount to, it is unique and cannot be repeated
Q:Key: 'Storage.MountPath' Error:Field validation for 'MountPath' failed on the 'required' tag (appears when mounting the driver)
A:The mount path is a required option, please fill in it
Q:UNIQUE constraint failed: x_meta.path (appears when adding meta information)
A:When adding meta information, there can only be one path, and it cannot be repeated
Q:Key: 'Meta.Path' Error:Field validation for 'Path' failed on the 'required' tag (appears when adding meta information)
A:When adding metadata, the path must be filled in
Q:Failed load storage: failed init storage: the site does not allow mounted
A:The other party's AList site is not allowed to mount,View detailed instructions
Q:failed get objs: failed to list objs: Sorry, sharing is not available in the current region(PikPak/share
Q:failed get objs: failed to list objs: terabox is not yet available in this are(Terabox
A:Domestic access is not supported, if you build it locally, you can check this Reference Solutionopen in new window
  • For example, Google, Mega, Terabox, etc. that require a proxy to access can be used in this way

Q:Search not available(appears when indexing
A:The Search Index option is not selected, and cannot be built and used. I don’t know which search index to choose? Click me to view
Q:only chinese and english, numbers and underscores are supported, and the length is no more than 50 (Appears when the folder is renamed)
A:When renaming the folder, the maximum length is 50
Q:failed get objs: failed to list objs: NotFound.FileId:The resource file_id cannot be found. file_id:634e704cefa78f92fefd4c779f7422d820082d041(Add Alibaba cloud disk open
A:When adding the open storage of Alibaba Cloud disk, root folder ID is wrong, which of the last ID above is the wrong ID, just get the correct replacement.
Q:System error: SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /?/: Nothing to repeat
A:Your Tampermonkey answering plug-in conflicts, just close it For details, click to viewopen in new window
Q:Too many unsuccessful sign-in attempts have been made using an incorrect username or password, Try again later.
A:If you enter the wrong password for 6 consecutive logins, it will be locked, and you can reset it by restarting AList.
Q:Failed get storage: please add a storage first. (When adding offline download files
A:When adding an offline download file, you need to enter which cloud disk you want to download the offline download file to and then click on the folder instead of adding it on the home page Complete Instructions
Q:failed get objs: failed to list objs: Unable to retrieve user's mysite URL(When adding onedrive_app
A:The newly created OneDrive user account does not take effect in real time, Delay takes effect, wait for a few hours and try again Caseopen in new window
Q:failed to start: listen tcp bind: address already in use (When starting the AList program
A:Port number 5244 is already in use, check whether it is occupied (generally you have started an AList with port 5244), or modify the port number started by AList, How to modify
QWhen AList upload file:Request failed with status code 413
A:Limit the size of the files configured nginx, modify the nginx's client_max_body_size,If you are a pagoda to go to the pagoda page to modify Exampleopen in new window

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