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New versions (V3 and later) are not compatible with V2, so we recommend that you full reinstall Alist if you are upgrading from V2.

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What's this

A file list program that supports multiple storage, and supports web browsing and webdav, powered by gin and Solidjs.

Support storage


Please go to our discussion forumopen in new window for general questions, issues are for bug reports and feature request only.


Special sponsors

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  • 亚洲云open in new window - 高防服务器|服务器租用|福州高防|广东电信|香港服务器|美国服务器|海外服务器 - 国内靠谱的企业级云计算服务提供商 (sponsored Chinese API server)
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The AList is open-source software licensed under the AGPL-3.0 license.