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S3 object storage protocols, such as COS, OSS, B2, etc.


bucket name


Endpoint address (If you don’t know, you can read the official documents below)


area (If you don’t know, you can read the official documents below)

Access key id

Access key id

Secret access key

Secret access key

Session token

Session token,Normally, the three-segment token needs to be used, and the two-segment token does not need to fill in this option.

Root folder path

Root path, if not filled, it defaults to the root directory.

Custom Host

Custom cdn acceleration domain name

Sign url expire

The validity period of the signed download address is 4 hours by default. If a custom accelerated domain name is used, this option is invalid.


The name of placeholder file.

Force path style

If enable ForcePathStyle, usually needed for minio.

List object version

Refer to s3 sdk documents.

Add object storage examples and official documents

S3 Object Storage includes but is not limited to these. There are many more, such as Microsoft and Google, which have not been added. There are no examples here because it is difficult to register and activate and cannot provide example tutorials. If you have an account, please contact us and provide an account and I will add it.


Alibaba Cloud OSS Official Websiteopen in new window

Comparison Table of Endpoints in Different Regions of OSS under Public Cloudopen in new window


Alist needs to skip referer to mount Alibaba Cloud Disk. If you do not allow referer to be empty in anti-leech, it will not work, because Alibaba Cloud Disk uses Alibaba Cloud OSS (in Beijing area)

In fact, the Region|Region option can be written as Endpoint, but for the sake of specification, let’s write it according to the comparison table.:::

Fill in example:


The default download method used