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BaiduYun Share Link

Andy HsuGuideStorageGuide302About 1 min

BaiduYun Share Link

Driver for BaiduYun share link, supports downloading but not uploading, using an unofficial api.


  1. You need to set surl and pwd to browse the directory, and you need to set BDUSS to download.

  2. surl is the part before ? after the sharing address, pwd fill in the 4-digit extraction code, and leave blank if there is no extraction code.

  3. surl and pwd can be filled in with any account, but the account of the BDUSS parameter must use Baidu Super SVIP member

BDUSS is extracted from the cookie

Root folder file_id

The root folder to be mounted, the default is /

If you want to mount other folders, please see the example below


settingerror messagetips
surl{"errno":2,"errtype":0}invalid share link
pwd{"errno":-130,"errtype":"mispwd-9"}invalid password
BDUSS{"errno":9019,"errmsg":"need verify"}invalid BDUSS, get a new one
UA{"error_code":31326,"error_msg":"user is not authorized, hitcode:119"}invalid user-agent, set a non-browser UA(ex. netdisk) or use web proxy
downFailed init storage: 200 OK; {"errno":-130,"The content shared by this link may not be accessible because it involves infringement, pornography, vulgarity and other information!


The api is from in new window, an unofficial project.

We have developed the folder viewing and file downloading function, further developments are welcome.

Since we don't have an official document, there might be some compatible problems. You can give feedback on github.

We can't break those limits from Baidu and you should follow the official laws.

Add "User-Agent" usage example

If you don't know how to set "User-Agent" see here

The following methods are limited to Baidu super member users

Prompt again The following methods are limited to Baidu super member users

It will only be useful if a member finishes modifying "User-Agent" (choose official and 302)

If you don’t change "User-Agent", you can enable Web Agent, the disadvantage is that you need to build an Alist machine for transfer, that is to say, you need a large broadband to help you transfer

Web plugin
  • The advantage of using a browser plug-in to modify is that it can be played directly online, of course, downloading is also possible.

Example 1: If you really don’t know it, you can take a look at an example on the web page: in new window

Example 2: Another plugin method covering 360, Chrome, Edge: in new window


The default download method used