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UPYUN Storage Service

Andy HsuGuideStorageGuide302About 1 min

UPYUN Storage Service

UPYUN Storage Service,refer to as USS,Yupyun USS Official Websiteopen in new window


UPYUN Storage Service Name


Accelerated domain name (default TEST domain or bound domain, not CNAME domain)

If you use http protocol, please add http:// protocol header.

The test domain name provided by upyun is not accessible in some network and does not support https, so it is recommended to use your own bound domain name.

Operator name

Operator name

Operator password

Operator password

Root folder path

Root path, if not filled, it defaults to the root directory.

Sign url expire

The validity period of the signed download address is 4 hours by default.

Example of filling in details


If you want to use the official test domain name, you must manually add http For example: http://xxx.test.upcdn.netopen in new window

If you want to use HTTPS, of course, you can also add your own domain name, for example: in new window

permission is turned on by itself, and the read permission must be turned on!


The default download method used