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MoPan address: in new window

  • There is no web version, only Android, iOS, PC-Win64bit, iPad, and TV.
  • ⚠️ Alist version > 3.30.0 to use this driver

Sms code

Enter the option of the mobile phone number and password when the first addition, and then enter the SMS Code input Send, and then click Save to send it to you.

root folder ID

Do not fill in this option, it will automatically fill into the root directory

  • Due to encrypted requests, an appropriate method for obtaining folder IDs has not yet been found


  1. root folder ID,equipment informationdoes not need to be filled in, will automatically help you fill
  2. If you enter the send in [SMS Code] (#SMS-Code), it is found that it has been saved,Please click Edit to enter the verification code received

The default download method used