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Baidu Netdisk

Andy HsuGuideStorageGuide302About 3 min

Baidu Netdisk


Due to the limitation of Baidu Disk API, downloading files larger than about 20M needs to carry the header: "User-Agent": " in new window", so when downloading files larger than 20M, you need to set the request header yourself, such as using curl:

curl -L -X GET 'YOUR_LINK' -H 'User-Agent:'

Or use the proxy function in this program to transfer.

Refresh token

Click hereopen in new window to get the refresh token.

Root folder path

The root foler to mount, defaults to /

  • Mount a folder separately, according to the following format, / is the root directory, just extend to that directory if you want to mount that directory
    • /folder_A/....../folder_x

Custom crack ua

UA used when using 【Native Proxy & Crack API】open in new window

Download api

  • official: The official interface, very stable, but for larger files, UA needs to be modified and the speed is slow (SVIP speed fast)
  • crack: unofficial interface,You must modify the UA and some files may not have a speed limit, but it will be unstable (not guaranteed 100%availability) Need to use a version greater than 3.19.0
    • Need to change the UA tonetdisk,Modification method refer to add-user-agent-user-example
    • Or turn on the Web proxy, you do not need to modify the UA (you need a large broadband to use it stably)
    • It is limited to play/download video (only tested in the mp4 format other formats are not tested),If it is other format files, such a prompt will appear
    • This is not a mistake, this is a limit, please do not panic.
	error_code: 31119,
	error_msg: "hit black userlist , hit illeage dlna",
	request_id: 541111111111111140
# This is not a mistake, this is a limit, please do not panic.


Add "User-Agent" usage example

If you don't know how to set "User-Agent" see here

The following methods are limited to Baidu super member users

Prompt again The following methods are limited to Baidu super member users

It will only be useful if a member finishes modifying "User-Agent" (choose official and 302)

If you don’t change "User-Agent", you can enable Web Agent, the disadvantage is that you need to build an Alist machine for transfer, that is to say, you need a large broadband to help you transfer

Web plugin
  • The advantage of using a browser plug-in to modify is that it can be played directly online, of course, downloading is also possible.

Example 1: If you really don’t know it, you can take a look at an example on the web page: in new window

Example 2: Another plugin method covering 360, Chrome, Edge: in new window


The default download method used