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OneDrive APP

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OneDrive APP

Benefits and Precautions

  1. The advantage is that the administrator is only authorized to log in once, and the same is used when adding parameters later. When adding, everything is the same except for the mailbox.

    • For example, E5 has 25 5T accounts. After you log in and initialize in advance, you can directly use the parameters before the CV. You don’t have to get the refresh token every time as before, and it will expire after a long time
    • A1, A1P, etc. can distribute more accounts (500 - unlimited)
  2. After the administrator authorizes in this way, he can view the account of each member in the organization at will, which will leak his own files

    • It is recommended to apply for OneDrive E5 to get better


It is not applicable to the home version. If you are in the configuration process, it does not match the options that appear in the tutorial. It may not be supported

First log in with your personal or organizational account in new window

Login to get ourtenant ID


Create process

Read the precautions carefully

Please read carefully the following serial numbers , view in sequence , if there is any error, please feedback in time

  1. Register an application, choose the type yourself, it is recommended to choose the third

  2. Redirect URL (callback parameter), select Web as the type, and fill in the parameters in new window ,Otherwise, it will not be able to authorize later

  3. After filling out, click on the registration below and you can see it after jumpingclient ID


Fill in the example

Fill in the values obtained in the above process one by one. If you don’t know which email address it is, you can find it by view all users of the organization


View all users of the organization

If you don't know how many users there are in your OneDrive organization, you can go to the link below to log in to the admin account to view in new window


Error message

  • Tips:Either scp or roles claim need to be present in the token Error

because you didn't do it in step 4 grant xxx administrator consent caused by,Pay attention to the tips below the fourth step

  • Tips:failed get objs: failed to list objs: Unable to retrieve user's mysite URL Error

The newly created OneDrive user account does not take effect in real time, Delay takes effect, wait for a few hours and try again Caseopen in new window

Add OneDrive_App accounts in batches

software used: in new window

Fill in the parameters. If you don’t understand, you can watch the video below.

Do not leave blank lines in the two configuration files, as this will also report an error


# Your own AList site, which can be local or remote server IP or domain name, but cannot have "/" at the end
# The three parameters of auth are your AList administrator account password and refresh token
    username: USERNAME
    password: PASSWORD
# enable Turn on whichever option you need, and turn off the one you don’t need
    enable: false
    refresh_token: ALI_YUNPAN_REFRESH_TOKEN
    enable: false
    username: PIKPAK_EMAIL
    password: PIKPAK_PASSWORD
# What we need here is onedrive_app, turn this on
    enable: true
# global is global, such as E5 A1 A1P, Vianet is cn, German version is de, American version is us
    region: global
        - id: 1
          client_id: client_id
          client_secret: client_secret
          tenant_id: tenant_id
# Here you can mount different domains and different accounts at the same time, each domain can be written according to the above configuration
# Client ID Client Secret Key Tenant ID Needless to say?


# Category 1 Mount x can be changed at will, which is equivalent to the mount path when adding storage
# 1 This refers to which domain/organization configuration in the above configuration file is to be used
# What follows is your email account~ If you don't write ":/folder1", the root directory will be mounted, and if you write it, you will mount this directory
# Anyway, the format is: Mount path: domain/organization: email account: / folder directory (optional)
# You can mount it in multiple different lists, and write according to the format

The default download method used