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Manual installation

Andy HsuGuideInstallGuideAbout 4 min

Get Alist

Open AList Releaseopen in new window to download the files corresponding to the system to be deployed. The latest version of the front-end has been packaged with the back-end, so there is no need to download the front-end files again.

The xxxx refers to the names corresponding to different systems/architectures, generally Linux-x86/64 is alist-linux-amd64.

If there is a prompt as follows:It is because your GLIBC version is too low, it is recommended to download the musl version

lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.28' not found (required by ./alist)  
# or
accept: function not implemented

When you see the output of start server @ and no error is reported afterwards, it means that the operation is successful. The initial password will be output when running for the first time. The program listens to port 5244 by default. Now open http://ip:5244 You can see the login page, please see WebDav for webdav.


Versions above v3.25.0 change the password to an encrypted hash value, and the password cannot be calculated directly. If the password is forgotten, it can only be re-randomly generated or manually set

# Unzip the downloaded file to get the executable file:
tar -zxvf alist-xxxx.tar.gz
# Grant program execution permissions:
chmod +x alist
# Run the program
./alist server

# Obtain administrator information The following two different versions, the new version also has random generation and manual settings
# Versions lower than v3.25.0
./alist admin

# higher than v3.25.0 version
# Randomly generate a password
./alist admin random
# Manually set a password `NEW_PASSWORD` refers to the password you need to set
./alist admin set NEW_PASSWORD



vim /usr/lib/systemd/system/alist.service add the following content, where path_alist is the path where alist is located

ExecStart=path_alist/alist server

Then systemctl daemon-reload, now you can use these commands to manage the program:

  • Start: systemctl start alist
  • Shut down: systemctl stop alist
  • Self-start: systemctl enable alist
  • Cancel Self-start: systemctl disable alist
  • Status: systemctl status alist
  • Restart: systemctl restart alist

Daemon will not use? Video Tutorialopen in new window


For all platform, you can use follow command to silent start, stop and restart. (v3.4.0 and later)

# start server with `--force-bin-dir`
alist start
# stop server by pid
alist stop
# restart server by pid
alist restart

How to update

Download the new version of Alist and replace the previous one.

What should I do if it keeps loading?

I mounted some network disks but they cannot be used. I restarted AList and found that I could not enter. The web page prompts: Failed to obtain settings: Please wait, storage is loading. What should I do?

  1. Wait a few minutes
  2. Stop the failed/unstartable storage by using the command

If you stop by command You must first enter the folder where your AList is located and enter the command

If we don’t know which storage is causing the problem, we can list all storages through the command

./alist storage list
[root@OPSD-g8xXordx3B9f alist]# ./alist storage list
INFO[2023-11-23 17:54:10] reading config file: data/config.json
INFO[2023-11-23 17:54:10] load config from env with prefix: ALIST_
INFO[2023-11-23 17:54:10] init logrus...
INFO[2023-11-23 17:54:10] Found 2 storages
│ ID    Driver            Mount Path                      Enabled │
│ 1     S3                /R2                             true    │
│ 2     UrlTree           /233                            true    │

After entering the query command, we will enter another mode and cannot operate. If there are too many added storages, you can use the ↑ and ↓ keys on the keyboard to scroll down. After you find it, you can press Ctrl+C to exit.

For example, because the storage 233 cannot be loaded, we enter the command to stop it, and then restart AList.

./alist storage disable /233
[root@OPSD-g8xXordx3B9f alist]# ./alist storage disable /233
INFO[2023-11-23 17:54:52] reading config file: data/config.json
INFO[2023-11-23 17:54:52] load config from env with prefix: ALIST_
INFO[2023-11-23 17:54:52] init logrus...
INFO[2023-11-23 17:54:52] Storage with mount path [/233] have been disabled