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Run from source

Andy HsuGuideInstallGuideLess than 1 minute

Run from source


This step is only for users who need to modify the source code by themselves. If you don't understand, please skip it.

Environmental preparation

First, you need to have an environment of git, nodejs, pnpm, golang>=1.20, gcc

Building the front end

Use git clone --recurse-submodules command to clone this project, execute pnpm install && pnpm build to get the target file in the dist directory

Build the backend

Clone in new window for this project, copy the dist directory of the previous step to the public directory under the project, and then:

builtAt="$(date +'%F %T %z')"
goVersion=$(go version | sed 's/go version //')
gitAuthor=$(git show -s --format='format:%aN <%ae>' HEAD)
gitCommit=$(git log --pretty=format:"%h" -1)
version=$(git describe --long --tags --dirty --always)
webVersion=$(wget -qO- -t1 -T2 "" | grep "tag_name" | head -n 1 | awk -F ":" '{print $2}' | sed 's/\"//g;s/,//g;s/ //g')
-w -s \
-X '$builtAt' \
-X '$goVersion' \
-X '$gitAuthor' \
-X '$gitCommit' \
-X '$version' \
-X '$webVersion' \
go build -ldflags="$ldflags" .
compilation tutorial videos you may need

Windows version: in new window (Although it is V2 version, it is the same as V3 version..)

Linux version: in new window

Fanwai compiled documents: in new window