Noah HsuSeptember 7, 2022
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Why I got the error failed get storage: can't find storage with rawPath: / when I open web pages after install/upgrade?

Because you haven't added storage.

why i lost all my storage in v3

New versions (V3 and later) are not compatible with V2, so you need to re-add your storage.

Why I see failed get aria2 version error in log?

Because you haven't installed aria2 or the settings of aria2 are wrong. Don't worry, it won't affect the use of Alist, you can ignore it.

why i got the error Failed create storage in database: UNIQUE constraint failed: x_storages.mount_path when I add new storage?

I guess the error message is pretty clear. Because mount_path is UNIQUE.
If you see this error when adding storage, but you don't see the corresponding duplicate entry on the web page, use Ctrl + F5 to force refresh page.

Why can't I preview the video or audio file?

  • Requires a browser-supported encoding
  • General browsers do not support h265 encoded video
  • General browsers do not support ac3 encoded audio

In particular, for Safari:

  • For cross-origin media, content-type must be the media type, not the generic application/octet-stream. So if the content-type returned by the direct link is application/octet-stream, then Safari will not be able to play.(PS: Why Can AliyunDirve play in Safari? Because the official website of the video playback is not the use of download links, but after the transcoding of AliyunDirve)

Why can't I preview the office file?

For microsoft office online viewers, you need:

  • External network access
  • The document access address cannot use ip directly, it needs to be accessed through a domain name, and the port must be port 80 / 443
  • The format of the document (must be one of the following):
  • Word: docx, docm, dotm, dotx
  • Excel: xlsx, xlsb, xls, xlsm
  • PowerPoint: pptx, ppsx, ppt, pps, pptm, potm, ppam, potx, ppsm
  • Document size: Word and PowerPoint documents must be less than 10 megabytes; Excel must be less than five megabytes

Why can't I preview the PDF file?

  • We use pdf.js as the default PDF previewer. So it requires https+cors.
  • https is opened for yourself, reverse proxy or provide a certificate in the configuration file
  • cors provides support for related cloud disks and cannot be modified by yourself unless the agent is turned on to use the program to transfer

Why can't package​ download?

Same as pdf preview, requires https+cors support,and:

  • AList use stream API of browser to support package download, so it requires browser support. Usually, it is supported by new browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.

Why does it shows Uploading in the backend when I upload a file?

  • All uploads of this program use server transfer

Why do i get 413 http code when i upload a file?

  • If you use a reverse proxy, you may need to specify the maximum upload file size and timeout in the configuration
  • Otherwise, it may happen that the upload is successful but the front end times out and there is no response

Why can't I download files after add AliyunDirve storage and get InvalidArgument error?

  • Due to referrer restrictions, mobile tokens must be used if you don't open any proxy.

Why is the uploaded file not displayed/deleted file still/modified in the root directory does not take effect? ​

There is a half-hour cache by default, which can be modified on the Add Storage page. If you need to refresh immediately, click the refresh button in the lower right corner of the directory that needs to be refreshed.