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To enable 2-factor authentication, you need to install a app that support 2FA (such as Google Authenticatoropen in new window,Microsoft Authenticatoropen in new window), on your phone.

Then login to ALIST manage and goto Profile page, click Enable 2FA button, scan the QR code with your 2FA app, and enter the code generated by your 2FA app.

Finally, click Verify button to enable 2FA.

  • Each user can set a different "2FA" verification, how to cancel see the method below

How to cancel 2FA verification:

one、(≥ v3.15.0)

If you forget the 2FA of your non-Admin account, you can tell the administrator to clear it for you

Enter the background --> user, click "cancel two-step verification"

If the 2FA of the admin account is lost, please see the second step how to clear 2FA


How to enter the folder where Alist is located

    1. Windows: Go to the folder where Alist is located and enter: alist.exe cancel2fa
    1. Linux: Enter the folder where Alist is located and input, ./alist cancel2fa
    1. docker: docker directly input docker exec -it alist ./alist cancel2fa

After the above input is deleted, it is found that there is still a restart~


Open the manage user page, you can see the option of the Cancel 2FA. After the cancellation, if you still have 2FA, you can choose to restart the Alist

  • You need to use the new version, if there is no option of the Cancel 2Fa,Explain that you need to update the version