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Andy HsuGuideAdvancedGuideLess than 1 minute


Method 1-Built-in

Use AList to manage Backup/Restore options

  1. Backup: Backup Alist data (does not include index)

  2. Recovery: Backup files before recovery

  3. Override: Select override when recovery, and will override the user information

  4. Encryption Password:Fill in the ENCRYPTION PASSWORD Export, the information will be encrypted when exporting.You also need to enter the ENCRYPTION PASSWORD first before importing.^3.40.0_New

Method 2-Sqlite3

Back up the data/data.db database in the AList directory, and wait for the new environment to replace it directly (contains index data)

  • If there are two files, if there are data.db-shm and data.db-wal, they must be backup together.
  • It is recommended to stop running Alist and then backup, so that the two files of data.db-shm anddata.db-wal will be merged with the data.db

Method 3-Other database

Other, if you use mysql, postgres and other non sqlite database, please solve it by yourself (include indexing data)