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What are alias? alias is a function for path merging

Except download preview (read-only) operations ^(copy, delete, rename, offline download, upload)^ are not allowed

For example: cloud disk account 1 and cloud disk account 2 both have the folder Movies, but the contents may not (all) overlap

Previously (virtual path): can only be mounted to two different paths (cloud disk 1/movie, cloud disk 2/movie) or (movie\cloud disk 1, movie\cloud disk 2 ) Now(alias): Provide an aggregated folder (movie) which can contain the contents of cloud disk 1 and cloud disk 2 at the same time

The folder content rules when displaying are as follows

  1. Merge with the same name: the same files (folders) are automatically merged into one
  2. Priority of the same name: When accessing resources, the path file (folder) at the top (front) when filling in the path for each fixed access
    • If the files with the same name are merged, click to play, and when downloading, it will be called first. When filling in Paths, the file with the 302 mode path will be used first.

Let me explain same name first² access rules

Example 1. Fill in the access according to the following path(302 mode has priority)

local: /localtest/local1
local: /localtest/local2
local: /localtest/local3
local: /localtest/local4
  • 1, if there is a video 1 2 3 4, each visit is 1

    • If 1 3 4 uses the local proxy and 2 uses 302, call 2 first
  • 2, a video 3 4 yes then every visit is 3

    • If 3 uses a local proxy and 4 uses 302, call 4 first

How to add

Go to storage add alias