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IPA install

Andy HsuGuideAdvancedGuideAbout 2 min

IPA install

1. IPA native installation

You can directly upload the ipa file.

But for ios>=16, you need to name the ipa file: original file name@bundle-identifier.ipa, that is, you need to add @bundle-identifier on the original basis, in which bundle-identifier is the CFBundleIdentifier of Info.plist in the IPA package. Such as:


Recommended to use ipa-renameropen in new window to rename your ipa files automatically and quickly.

  • If you are a mobile phone user, you can also rename the IPA file, but you must know the format mentioned above, but there is no mobile phone renaming software, please solve it yourself...


  • .ipa installation requires https and a valid certificate , not just a package can be installed without a signature
How to change the name of the computer version

If the video fails, you can watch it here: in new window

Installation Demo: Deploy HTTPS and IPA files are signed prerequisites, if IOS16 rename by yourself If you can’t install it yourself, please check the problem yourself

  • Installation demo environment: IOS15.4.1 iPhone12PM, personal certificate, HTTPS

2. TrollStore install

Requires AList version ≥ 3.12.2 and above

Devices that support the installation of TrollStore (jailbroken devices are not explained here)

The device that supports the installation of TrollStore is up to the iPhone 13 series device system version not greater than stable version 15.4.1 beta version 15.6 beta 1 - 5

If you are an iPhone 14, the factory system version is too high. For other details, please check the table below.

Version / Devicearm64 (A8 - A11)arm64e (A12 - A15, M1)
13.7 and belowNot Supported (CT Bug only got introduced in 14.0)Not Supported (CT Bug only got introduced in 14.0)
14.0 - 14.8.1checkra1n + TrollHelperopen in new windowTrollHelperOTA (arm64e)open in new window
15.0 - 15.4.1TrollHelperOTA (iOS 15+)open in new windowTrollHelperOTA (iOS 15+)open in new window
15.5 beta 1 - 4TrollHelperOTA (iOS 15+)open in new windowTrollHelperOTA (iOS 15+)open in new window
15.5 (RC)Not Supported (CT Bug fixed)Not Supported (CT Bug fixed)
15.6 beta 1 - 5SSH Ramdiskopen in new windowTrollHelperOTA (arm64e)open in new window
15.6 (RC1/2) and aboveNot Supported (CT Bug fixed)Not Supported (CT Bug fixed)

Installation example

If you want to use the installation is very simple, click the *TrollStore button to install


other instructions

  1. If you click the TrollStore button to open Apple's magnifying glass, it is because of the following reasons

    • Your TrollStore version number is less than version 1.3+, it is recommended to update to the latest version directly
    • Your URL scheme is not enabled. If you enable it, remember to click the first option to log out immediately (Rebuild Now)
      • TrollStore
  2. What is the wake-up format of the TrollStore URL?


  3. Is there any benefit to this installation?

    • See the flow chart below for explanation