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Offline download

Andy HsuGuideAdvancedGuideAbout 2 min

Offline download

Please read the following tips carefully

There are two kinds of software with offline download function

The two usages are the same, and the software configuration is set in advance (see the following instructions for specific configuration),

Then go back to the front-end interface, find the folder you want to upload offline files to, and you can manually enter the folder

Then find the offline download button in the lower right corner, and choose to use Aria2 download or qBittorrent download (>v 3.11.0)

If you use docker, please map the following two default paths by yourself. (mapped to the same directory on the host machine)

  • /opt/alist/data/temp/aria2
  • /opt/alist/data/temp/qbittorrent


Click to view instructions for use


(Here we take the Windows side as an example, I don’t know if there is one on the Linux side)

First of all, we need to configure the default values on the client side of qBittorrent

According to source codeopen in new window, we know that the default values are admin:adminadmin@localhost:8080/

  • ip: localhost
  • port: 8080
  • user: admin
  • password: adminadmin
  1. We fill in the above parameters into the qBittorrent client, after configuration, we go to the Alist front end to download offline (method refer to the description at the beginning)

    • If you are prompted after submitting the offline link: Qbittorrent not ready, try restarting both Alist and qBittorrent
  2. Default value configuration view address:

  3. Use qBittorrent to offline .torrent type files

  1. You can configure it yourself not to delete after the download is complete, but to do seeding, the default is 0, and it will be deleted immediately after uploading
  • Modification location: Alist background --> Settings --> Qbittorrent seedtime option, set the time you need to configure, the unit is minute, after the set seeding time is reached, it will automatically delete
  1. We can also customize, instead of using the default presets
  • Modification location: Alist Manage --> Settings --> Qbittorrent url option, just follow the modification

Offline download


  1. Appeared in the background qBittorrent task: torrent parse timeout, parsing timed out
  2. The torrent can be parsed, but The system cannot find the path specified. appears when uploading.

The above two methods are most likely caused by the qBittorrent software itself, probably because of the green version and the modified version that have undergone some functional castration modifications. It is recommended to go to the official website to download and install it to restore it (the conclusion drawn by myself after stepping on the pit) )

  1. Because the v2.8.3 API is used, the minimum version of qBittorrent should be 4.4.0beta2 or 4.3.8 official version
  2. If qBittorrent sets the ip where alist is located to be exempt from authentication, you can directly omit the user name and password before @ (configured on the qBittorrent client side)
    • 3 and 4 are not mentioned in the video.

qBittorrent Video Tutorials

If the video fails, you can watch it here: in new window