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Rapid upload

Andy HsuGuideAdvancedGuideAbout 1 min

Rapid upload


Rapid upload means that files between two cloud disks can be uploaded to each other quickly without waiting. Here is an introduction to what can be mutually Rapid uploaded v3.29.0_New

There is a premise that the files required for Rapid upload in network disk A are already available in network disk B, so that Rapid upload can be performed, otherwise it will be uploaded normally

  • Note(1): The Aliyun mentioned here refers to aliyundriveOpen
  • Note(2): OneDrive has not been tested because there is no account. If the test is valid and there are no problems, feedback is welcome.
  • Note(3): Aliyun and 189: Both need to turn on the Rapid upload option in the storage configuration, otherwise Rapid upload cannot be performed
  • Note(4): GoogleDrive files can be transferred to 189 in seconds and 189 can transfer files to 189 in seconds. There may be some problems and are not very stable. Need to Pay attention to observation

How to use

  1. Right-click the file you want to transfer in the list, click Copy, and then select the folder to transfer to.

  2. If there are multiple files, you can select the entire folder or open the checkbox in the lower right corner to select multiple files, and then there is a row of buttons at the bottom to click to copy.