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Username for login


Password for login


Password is invalid for guest user.

Base path

The root path that users see when he/she log in


  • Can see hides: Can see the hides files and folders
  • Access without password: Can access without password
  • Add aria2 tasks: Can add aria2 tasks
  • Mkdir or upload: Can make directory or upload files
  • Rename: Can rename files and folders
  • Move: Can move files and folders
  • Copy: Can copy files and folders
  • Delete: Can delete files and folders
  • Webdav read: Can read files and folders with webdav
  • Webdav manage: Can manage files and folders with webdav


  1. Are you worried that visitors can see all files? Click to see how to set it up here

  2. Guest user is disabled, login please: In order to protect your Alist security, the guest access permission is closed, if you need guest access, open it yourself

    • AList Manage --> users --> guest --> Disable uncheck