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You can view the content of the tab below to view different mounting methods (including Direct link, Personal, Share)

  • Direct link is only adapted to the authentication function, the link also needs to be filled in by yourself, like UrlTree, fill in the direct link copied in 123 direct link.

  • PersonalShare,This driver is no longer actively maintained due to 123Pan's limitations


Please read this reminder carefully

Because 123 Cloud Disk Direct Link is a paid purchase with a quota, if you add 123 Direct Link storage, please set passwords, meta information and other measures in time to prevent malicious traffic brushing.

After setting it up, test it yourself in incognito mode first. If you fail to set up the correct anti-theft measures and are maliciously flooded with traffic, you will be responsible for it yourself.

First open 123 Cloud Disk Direct Link Management: in new window Set an authentication key in the lower right corner, and then turn on the authentication status switch


  • Open Settings 123 Cloud Disk Settings: in new window and find the account ID [1 label in the picture below]
  • How to activate direct link? (You need to activate membership to use it)
    • Find the folder you want to open, right-click on Enable Direct Link Space, and after opening it, you will see a link icon in the folder [Tag 2 in the picture below]
  • How to get a direct link to a file? [Tag 3 in the picture below]
    • Enter the folder that has 'enabled direct link space', find the file you need to obtain, right-click 'Get direct link', and fill in the AList configuration after obtaining it.


Fill in example

  • Origin urls:Fill in the direct link to the files we copied one by one

    • It supports creating different folders like UrlTree, and supports filling in the file size and modification time (four options are provided for use, like the UrlTree filling, refer to the second example of the picture below)
    • File size unit: B bytes. For example, if you want to write a 1MB file, it is 1048567 bytes. You can search for the specific byte conversion in your browser (you can leave it blank).
    • File modification time: It is Unix timestamp. You can search in the browser for the specific conversion (you can leave it blank).
    Fill in the format:
  • Private key

    • You can set up the direct link management page yourself and turn it on. Please turn it on.
  • Uid

    • Account ID in the account settings page
  • Valid duration

    • The file direct link validity period, in minutes, is filled in by default to 30 minutes

The default download method used