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Mobile phone number for login

Cloud disk address: in new window

  • ⚠️ The alist version must be greater than v3.18.0 to use this tutorial (excluding v3.18.0)


Update the method of authentication, please get Authorization to fill in

root folder ID

  • Personal cloud:ROOT will list all of them, cover 18 items (viewing it by itself), and normal files are in My folder.

    • If you fill in the folder ID, the normal root directory folder is listed (this method is recommended)
  • Family cloud:The root directory is empty is all files

    • If you want to list a folder separately, get the directory ID method in the picture of the family cloud below


Personal Cloud: Choose Personal Cloud

Family Cloud: Choose Family Cloud


  1. Other information is taken from the request, which has changed from cookie to obtaining Authorization

  2. If you can't find the load on the bottom of the request information, go to the top `on the top of the upper row, marked the purple highlight

Cloud ID

Personal cloud does not need to fill in, Family cloud is dedicated.

Search keywords

Pay attention to the keywords, use it below to get authorization

  • Personal Cloud:getDisk
  • Family Cloud:queryContentList

Personal cloud:

Other BrowserChrome Browser

Note: Family cloud does not support renames, movement, copying and uploading.

Family cloud:

Note: Family cloud does not support renames, movement, copying and uploading.

Other BrowserChrome Browser
Teaching video

Although the video is V2 version, the way to obtain the directory ID and the cloud ID is the same. in new window

From the previous way to get cookies, now replaced it with Authorization,You can see the Fill in the Example tutorial below

AList fill in examples:

AuthorizationJust fill in the content of the start after the basic space

Personal CloudFamily Cloud

The default download method used