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The web -side login has been replaced with sliding verification code, no longer supports OCR and manual input. If the verification code needs to be used, please use the add Cookie to log in

Personal Cloud


the phone number used to log in


password for login

Root folder ID

The string at the end of the official website url, such as:

Family transfer

Give 189 cloud disk adds Personal's Family Transfer option, which is convenient for users without VIP, and a large number of family cloud spaces upload.

Family Cloud

(Alone 189 CloudPC Plate Client Drive) Use a computer browser, open the developer tool (F12), switch the emulation device and select the mobile device

Open in new window, enter the folder you want to mount, you can see the request in the network, and then find the required parameters:


AList fill in examples:

189 Cloud

Fill in the account1and password2,Then click one request in the request, just bring Cookies, click on one at will Then fill in,Cookie expires time is unknown


189 CloudPC


Video reference: in new window


It is recommended to use the Tianyi cloud disk client first, Notes click to view.

The default download method used