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Alist V2/V3

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Alist V2/V3



First of all, you need to know whether the other party is V2 or V3.

root directory path

AList link you want to mount


(v3.16.3) If the AList you mounted is "not" enabled Allow Mount, you will not be able to To mount, the following error is prompted

Failed init storage: the site does not allow mounted
failed get objs: storage not init: the site does not allow mounted

(If) or use the username&password provided by the other party to mount, if the other party allows the mount, it must provide username&password or enable Allow Mount, otherwise don’t force it

  • v3.16.3 How to mount the lower version than v3.16.3, for the time being, you can only use the username & password provided by the other party to mount.


Username&Password can be mounted without writing. In this way, guest is used for tourist access. If the other party does not enable the guest account access permission, an error will be prompted when mounting (as follows)

failed get objs: failed to list objs: request failed,code: 400, message: Key: 'LoginReq.Username' Error:Field validation for 'Username' failed on the 'required' tag
  • If you started using the username & password method to mount, then you switched to using the meta information password method to mount
    • You need to manually clear the token that was automatically filled before, otherwise it will still use the username&password method to mount

Meta password

(The Meta password option is not required, explain to those who need it)

The Meta password refers to the meta information password

The AList path you want to mount has a meta information password set

  • example 1:
    • The path you mount is /a
    • Then you need to know what the other party’s /a path password is set to see the file, otherwise it will be blank after entering
  • Example 2:
    • The path you mount is /
    • But the root directory / of the other party has no password set, but other individual folders such as Ali, Baidu, 123 have set passwords, so you can fill in these but only one password.
      • If the passwords of the three folders mentioned above are set differently, then you can only enter the folder with this password in the one you fill in, and you will not be able to enter without this password. You should understand.


AList user name (account) you want to mount


The password corresponding to the AList username you want to mount

Kind tips

It looks very troublesome, but you can understand it after a little operation. The details are written for Xiaobai(The premise is that Allow Mount is enabled on the other party)

  1. The access path is prioritized using [root directory path](#root directory path), if you use username&password method for mounting, [root folder path](#root folder path) It is recommended to write /, otherwise your access rights of this user name do not match [root directory path](#root directory path) and an error message will be displayed

    -Example 1: [root directory path](#root directory path): file, the access permission folder of the user name is: video, so access will prompt an error

    -Example 2: [root directory path](#root directory path): file, the access permission folder of the user name does not have file, so access will prompt an error

  2. When AList Management is given to others to mount, you can choose the folder to access when creating a new user. The default /

    • When the user mounts, [root directory path](#root directory path) is recommended to write /, so as not to prompt an error because the management has given different access folder permissions
  3. In the most extreme case, it is preferred that you know that the username added this time can access the folder permissions, whether there is any, and then write the path you want to mount separately to [root directory path ](#root directory path)

    • If you don't know [root directory path](#root directory path), you can write / first, go to the mount page to see the path you want to mount separately, and then modify the background settings


You don’t need to write, it will be automatically filled after filling in Username & Password and saving

The default download method used