Alist V2/V3

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Alist V2/V3

Add Alist


First of all, you need to know whether the other party is V2 or V3.

Alist link you want to mount

root directory path


(The password option is not required, explain to those who need it)

The password refers to the meta information password

The Alist path you want to mount has a meta information password set

  • example 1:
    • The path you mount is /a
    • Then you need to know what the other party’s /a path password is set to see the file, otherwise it will be blank after entering
  • Example 2:
    • The path you mount is /
    • But the root directory / of the other party has no password set, but other individual folders such as Ali, Baidu, 123 have set passwords, so you can fill in these but only one password.
      • If the passwords of the three folders mentioned above are set differently, then you can only enter the folder with this password in the one you fill in, and you will not be able to enter without this password. You should understand.

Access Token

(The access token option is not required, explain to those who need it)

(This is for the other party to give you, generally no one will hand over their token to outsiders)