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Aliyundrive / share


Due to the limitation of the referrer of Aliyundrive, the mobile token must be used. Using the desktop web token will result in failure to download and preview. Of course, you can also turn on the proxy so that refresh token of desktop web can work if you use it locally or if the bandwidth is large enough.

Refresh token

Follow to this issueopen in new window Capture/find the log on the mobile phone (/data/media/0/Android/data/com.alicloud.databox/ files/logs/trace/). Or you can click:


API is hosted on replit.comopen in new window

Root folder file_id

Open the official website of Aliyundrive and click the string behind the url when you click into the folder you want to set, such as in new window, which is 5fe01e1830601baf774e4827a9fb8fb2b5bf7940:


Alibaba cloud disk sharing

Mainly fill in refresh token, share ID

  • Root folder ID (default root root directory), if you want to write, you can write or not, it is the default root directory

  • Write the Share pwd if you have it