Baidu Netdisk

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Baidu Netdisk


Due to the limitation of Baidu Disk API, downloading files larger than about 20M needs to carry the header: "User-Agent": " in new window", so when downloading files larger than 20M, you need to set the request header yourself, such as using curl:

curl -L -X GET 'YOUR_LINK' -H 'User-Agent:'

Or use the proxy function in this program to transfer.

Refresh token

Click hereopen in new window to get the refresh token.

Root folder path

The root foler to mount, defaults to /, same as local storage.

Download api

  • official: The official interface, very stable, but for larger files, UA needs to be modified and the speed is slow
  • crack: unofficial interface, no need to modify UA and some files may not limit the speed, but maybe unstable
May Be Helpful For You

If you really don’t know it, you can take a look at an example on the web page: in new window

The premise is that you need to have a member. It will only be useful if you have a member who has changed UA (choose official and 302). It can only help you here