BaiduYun Share Link

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BaiduYun Share Link

Driver for BaiduYun share link, supports downloading but not uploading, using an unofficial api.


Viewing folders require the surl and pwd, and BDUSS is needed for downloading. surl is the part between and the ?, and pwd is the password if the link got one. You can get BDUSS from your cookie, follow the guidanceopen in new window, prefix not needed.


settingerror messagetips
surl{"errno":2,"errtype":0}invalid share link
pwd{"errno":-130,"errtype":"mispwd-9"}invalid password
BDUSS{"errno":9019,"errmsg":"need verify"}invalid BDUSS, get a new one
UA{"error_code":31326,"error_msg":"user is not authorized, hitcode:119"}invalid user-agent, set a non-browser UA(ex. netdisk) or use web proxy


The api is from in new window, an unofficial project. We have developed the folder viewing and file downloading function, further developments are welcome. Since we don't have an official document, there might be some compatible problems. You can give feedback on github. We can't break those limits from Baidu and you should follow the official laws.