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Mount Path

Unique identifier, that is the location you want to mount to, if you want to mount to the root directory, it is /


When there are multiple accounts, it is used for sorting, The smaller the more forward


Anything you want to fill in, which is just for reminding you what this storage is

Cache Expiration

Cache time of directory structure.

Web proxy

Whether the web preview,download and the direct link go through the transfer. If you open this, recommended you set site_url so that alist can works fine.

Webdav policy

  • 302 redirect: redirect to the real link
  • use proxy URL: redirect to proxy URL
  • native proxy: return data directly through local transit(best compatibility)

Description of three modes

Download proxy URL

When the proxy is turned on without filling in this field, the local machine will be used for transfer by default.Two proxy methods are provided:

You can even develop your own proxy program, the general steps are:

  • When downloading, it will request PROXY_URL/path?sign=sign_value
  • Verify sign in the proxy program, the calculation method of sign is:
const to_sign = `${path}:${expireTimeStamp}`
const _sign = safeBase64(hmac_sha256(to_sign, TOKEN));
const sign = `${_sign}:${expireTimeStamp}`

The TOKEN is the token of admin user.

  • After verifying the sign is correct, requesting HOST/api/fs/link, you can get the URL of the file and the request header to be carried
  • Use the information to request and return
  • Sort by: Sort by what
  • Sort direction: Whether the sort direction is ascending or descedning


Some drives use their own sorting method, which may be different.

Extract folder

  • Extract to front: put all folders to the front when sorting
  • Extract to back: put all folders to the back when sorting