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LanZou Cloud

There are two modes (types) of Lanzuo network disk mount, respectively cookie and link

  • cookie: All files in the network disk can be displayed, but the cookie of the network disk needs to be provided
  • Link: only display the content in the link (you can mount it without providing a cookie)

⚠It is recommended to use the cookie method to mount. Using the link mode will always cause convulsions. I don’t know what’s going on and suddenly prompts: failed get objs:failed to list objs: not find data

refresh token

Log in to your Lanzuo Cloud Diskopen in new window account, then F12 to open the developer mode, you can find Cookie, there is no specific one, such as the left side of the picture Just click one and there will be Cookie in the blue part of the right picture.

Lanzou Cookie

root folder ID

Lanzuo cloud disk root directory ID, the default is -1

  • Additional Folder ID
    • Two ways to obtain (see the picture below)
    • LanZou folder_id
  • Share link: Randomly generate a share link in the Lanzuo cloud disk
    • Small tip: lanzouX in the link, the last default X content sometimes cannot be opened in some areas, you can try to change it yourself, for example, change to i, x, u, t, etc. Anyway, try it out for yourself.
  • Share password: the password for the link

Repair file info

If you need WebDav service, you need to open it

Mount and fill in the example

Add LanZou