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PikPak / share

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PikPak / share


  1. Pikpak:Who makes the request, who can use it

    • For example, if you build an AList on the server with IP, but your own IP is, you cannot play or download it.
    • Or enable Proxy policy

  1. PikPak Share:There is a size limit. After the specified file size is exceeded, only 40%~50% can be played.

    • The specific size of the file is currently unknown



email or phone?



Root folder id

Can get with in new window , default root.


Offline Download

v3.36.0 and above versions support calling Pikpak offline download function in AList

Select in the lower right corner and select Pikpak for offline download options

  • Support: magne, http, ed2k links

  • Also supports: X, TikTok, Facebook, TG URL links

Only Pikpak is supported for offline download. If it is not Pikpak, the following error message will be displayed:

  • unsupported storage driver for offline download, only Pikpak is supported

PikPak Share


As of February 4, 2023, the sharing mount has been officially banned. Currently, you can only watch the first 4 minutes.Stay tuned for when it will be restored

v3.12.0 fix,How long it can be used this time is unknown

It is known that PIKPAK sharing can only see 40%-50% (v3.35.0)

You only need to fill in Username, Password, Shared ID three items, root folder ID can be written or not, if not written, the default is the root directory (root directory)

  • Root folder ID: If it is a multi-layer directory, which directory do you want to display as the root directory, you can write which root directory.
  • Sharing password: if there is a password to share, write it, if not, don’t write it


Batch add PikPak shared mounts

software used: in new window

Tutorial video:BV1Ps4y1U7Zuopen in new window


Q: Prompt when adding storage: Failed init storage: invalid_account_or_password What should I do, the password I entered is correct

A: If the account password is not filled in incorrectly, it may be that you used Google, FB and other third-party quick registration when you registered. Although it seems that the account is a Google mailbox, you cannot log in with the mailbox, but you must use the first Three-party verification, Alist does not support this kind of jumping to third-party verification, so you need to bind an email address in the account settings and set a login password, or register a new account

Q: Prompt when adding mount: failed get objs: failed to list objs: Sorry, sharing is not available in the current region

A: Because access to PikPak is prohibited in China, just use a proxy for AList, how to make AList use a proxy One of the reference solutions, this method is limited to Windows buildopen in new window

The default download method used