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S3 object storage protocols, such as COS, OSS, B2, etc.


bucket name


Endpoint address



Access key id

Access key id

Secret access key

Secret access key

Root folder path

Root path, if not filled, it defaults to the root directory.

Custom Host

Custom cdn acceleration domain name

Sign url expire

The validity period of the signed download address is 4 hours by default. If a custom accelerated domain name is used, this option is invalid.


The name of placeholder file.

Force path style

If enable ForcePathStyle, usually needed for minio.

List object version

Refer to s3 sdk documents.

Object storage that can be added

  1. Alibaba Cloud OSSopen in new window:\
  2. Tencent Cloud COSopen in new window:\
  3. Tianyi Cloud OOSopen in new window:\
  4. Baidu Cloud BOSopen in new window: CORS cross-configuration self-configuration, and the Endpoint option is not the default, you need to fill in the compatible S3Click to view Specificopen in new window
  5. Qiniu Cloud Kodoopen in new window:\

can be added but no account test

Amazon AWS S3