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Thunder Cloud Disk

Andy HsuGuideStorageGuideNative Rroxy302About 9 min

Thunder Cloud Disk


Please use Thunder directly instead of ThunderExpert if you are not good at it.

ThunderExpert mainly provides more free settings and realizes more login methods

Thunder X serves overseas users. As of the time of document release, only the Android version is available. Other versions have not yet been released.

  • Thunder X has sufficient speed even without membership. Future changes are unknown.
  • Using the APP may require a proxy, but not when mounted on AList.

Thunder Browser:Currently only supports mobile phones (Android, iOS)

  • in new window
  • If you log in to AList, the mobile phone will be kicked offline. On the contrary, if you log in to AList first and then log in to the mobile phone, AList will be kicked offline but there will be no prompt


That is, the mobile phone number, email, and username used for login (there is a probability that you cannot log in, you need to try)

  • You need to bring the +86 area code, for example +8613722223333 fill in like this


password for login


Need verify: {url} may appear when logging in or uploading, please visit the link in the error to complete the verification and get CaptchaToken (verification code)


Fill in the mount directory ID account password and save it, there will be a big lump in the upper right corner (cannot be copied),

Let's go back to adding an account to copy from Https to the end to a new window to get the verification code parameter (CaptchaToken)

See the image below to add


The default download method used