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Tencent weiyun

Andy HsuGuideStorageGuideNative RroxyAbout 1 min

Tencent weiyun

Tencent Weiyun official website: https://www.weiyun.comopen in new window

Weiyun login validity period reminder

  • QQ: The login can only keep alive for 48 hours at present, and the cookie has to be replaced
  • WeChat: no such problem, use token

It is recommended to use WeChat to log in

Root folder file_id

  1. Display the root directory, leave blank, you don’t need to fill in, the program will automatically fill in

  2. If only a single folder ID is displayed, select the folder to be displayed, Copy the ID behind the top address bar

After logging in to Weiyun, Open the developer debugging tool (F12), find the request that carries the cookie in any request, copy and fill in it.

  • The token obtained by WeChat login is longer than the cookie field of QQ login
  • QQ WeChat fills in the Cookie field value, and you can see it by just looking for a request

other notes

  1. The copy function cannot be used
  2. It is recommended not to share Weiyun with the outside world. After all, it is bound to your own QQ number. If you have a major loss to QQ or other things after being blocked/frozen, you will be responsible for the consequences

The default download method used